Conservative Policy Creation

Conservatives have a Grass Roots Organization.

There are 338 Electoral District Associations across Canada


The West Nova Electoral District Association is made up from people from all walks of life. It is seen as a way to influence national policy. EDA’s formulate policies that are presented to the National Executive of the Conservative Party of Canada by delegates chosen to represent them at national Conventions, which take place approximately every two years.

Every delegate gets to vote on which policies get adopted. In turn they become national policy which is used to determine Government policy. For example, at the last convention held in Winnipeg, many policies concerned rural areas and were of benefit to Nova Scotians. True democracy at work.

"Creating Party Policy"

The National Convention of the Conservative Party of Canada is held every other year. It was last held in Vancouver in late May 2016 and our constituency was represented by our President, Ginny Hurlock. Of the six items of policy created by Conservative Associations in Nova Scotia for consideration at the Convention, half were submitted from our West Nova EDA; two dealing with topics of transportation and one dealing with firearm owner's rights which was adopted and is now incorporated into standing Party Policy.

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We Invite You To Join Us

The list of what the Conservative Government did for West Nova between 2006 and 2015 is truly impressive.

Town and village water systems and sewer systems were built and upgraded as were numerous community fire stations. Massive financial help was given to seniors’ groups to support community halls, large and small fishing port facilities were rebuilt and upgraded, cultural organizations were helped in order to maintain the spirit of their histories and institutions of higher learning were assisted through capital development programs. At the personal level, pension splitting was created for seniors, income splitting for growing families, Universal Child Care benefits, Child Care Expense Deductions and Tax Free Savings Accounts were created (which the incoming Liberals immediately undermined). The return of federal gasoline taxes to municipalities provided aid which most used to upgrade volunteer and public transportation systems. The constituency also received a new ferry for the Digby to Saint John service and massive upgrades to the Yarmouth ferry facility.

If you would care to assist us in putting West Nova back on the map in Ottawa we invite you to become a West Nova Conservative volunteer or donor by means of this website's "Contact Us" button and urge you to become a Member of the Conservative Party by using the web address, HERE.


Who We Are

The West Nova Conservative Electoral District Association, (EDA or Conservative Association) is an organization of many people of diverse background who live in the federal riding of West Nova. Both thoughtful and caring, they agree that the Founding Principles and the Policy Declaration of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) closely match their own political outlook for Canada and is of most benefit to the region. They have opted to support the federal Conservative Party with their membership, efforts, and contributions.

The Association operates with the greatest respect for open and democratic principles under a written CPC EDA Constitution. Its activities are overseen by a Board of Directors who are volunteers and who are duly elected by the membership during the Association Annual General Meeting (AGM). From this Board, the executive council is chosen, always by the democratic process of free and open vote.